“The Wrap” Bracelet

“The Wrap” Bracelet

Hello, Crafters!! Today I am here to share, what I call, “The Wrap” Bracelet. This bracelet is super simple and fast to make, it took me less than 15 minutes. We hope you enjoy!! Here is what your finished bracelet will look like:

Let’s get started!!

You will need the following:


  • Thick yarn
  • Embroidery floss
  • Scissors


(P.S. I will put the instruction in word form first, and then the picture of that step right underneath)

1. Wrap a strand of yarn around your wrist once, then double it.


2. Take your embroidery floss and start twisting it around your yarn, about a fingernail’s length from the loop.


3. Continue wrapping…

4. a. If you want a looser bracelet, stop wrapping when the end of your floss touches the edge of the loop, when wrapped around your wrist.

b. If you want a tighter bracelet, stop wrapping when the end of your floss touches the floss where you started wrapping, when wrapped around your wrist.


5. Cut your embroidery floss to the same length as the end of the yarn.


6. Tie a knot at the very end of where you stopped wrapping, so that your wrapping doesn’t come undone.


7. I prefer to keep the end of the yarn attached to the bracelet, but if you want to cut it off, you can do so now. When you want to wear your bracelet, slide the knot through your hole on the top of the bracelet.


You are now finished!!! I’m sure you can now see why I call it “The Wrap” Bracelet, since you are basically just wrapping embroidery floss around your yarn! We hope you enjoyed!

Happy Crafting,

Zoe & Friends