Planning Your Summer Bash:2017

Planning Your Summer Bash:2017

HELLO CRAFTERS!!!!! I am SO, SO, SO excited for today’s post!! I am going to share the ideas I have for my Summer Bash with you so that you girls can┬áplan your own!!!! Now, onto the party:

First things first:

First, make sure that you make a guest list and send out invitations ASAP, literally!!! ­čÖé These days, people tend to fill their summers up to the max (no joke) so, if you want to have a lot of friends over, try and get the invites out early!!

To save space, I am going to attach Word Docs instead of typing all of this up for you. Feel free to print out the schedule or any of the other Docs you may want!!


SUMMER BASH 2017~Games

SUMMER BASH 2017~Schedule

SUMMER BASH 2017~Party Day To-Do List


I really, really, really hope these help you in your party planning!! I am going to have my party in July, so I will get those picture up for you as soon as I can!! Please comment down below if this was helpful to you along with some of your ideas for a Summer Bash!!

In our next blog post, I am going to share some ideas on decorating a canvas letter with you! I had SO much fun decorating my letter, and am really excited to share some ideas with you!! Until next time:

Happy Crafting,

Zoe & Friends