Here, you can find out about me and all my Forever Friends, enjoy!!


This is me, Zoe. I am 15 years old and a seriously devoted crafter. According to most, I am bubbly, quirky, and fun, which I would have to say I agree with 🙂 Some of my hobbies include: crafting, running, biking, baking, cooking, reading, swimming, playing with my siblings, and exploring God’s wonderful creation.


I am Liliya. I am 14 years old and some of my hobbies include: Irish dancing, swimming, biking, hanging out with friends, doing my makeup, and playing Pokémon.


I am MaKenna. I am 15 years old. Some of my hobbies include: hiking, camping, playing outdoors and spending time in nature, I  also like eating and watching movies!!


I am Rebecca. I am 16 years old. I am a very competitive, energetic, and creative, teenager. Some of my hobbies include: figure skating, jewelry making, volleyball, shopping, dancing, hanging out with friends, watching movies and TV shows, DIY’s, and volunteering at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp.


I am Emily. I am 18 years old. Some of my hobbies include: painting, drawing, playing my violin, journaling, writing, singing, swimming, and playing tennis.


I am Molly. I am 14 years old. I love art and anything crafty. I have two younger siblings and I love spending time with my friends and family!!!

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