The Ultimate Photo Shoot~Rebecca

The Ultimate Photo Shoot~Rebecca

Hey Fellow Crafters!! It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything, so today I am here to show you the fruit of spending 2 hours in 20 degree weather taking amazing pictures of one of my¬†Forever Friends: Rebecca. This was SUPER worth the time, effort, and laughs!! (Honestly though, anything and everything is worth the time if you laugh!! ūüôā ) We had so much fun and we hope you enjoy this post!!

Also, I have some great news: We are adding some new people to the Zoe & Friends Forever crew, so look out for them in future posts and videos!!

Another piece of great news: I am hoping to upload our very first video on the Zoe & Friends Forever YouTube channel, I am just waiting for a few things and finalizing other things. So, stay tuned for that! The first video is going to be pictures of just about everyone and some information about our group. Long story short: a channel trailer. We hope you enjoy, please comment on YouTube letting us know what you think.

Finally, make sure you check out¬†Behind the Crafts¬†for behind the scenes photos of our photo shoot. Now without further ado, let’s get started!!

~The Beginning~

~The Coat~

~Hair Break~

~The Poncho: Part 1~

~The Poncho: Part 2~

~The End~

We hope you enjoyed!! I think my favorite picture of them all would have to be this one:


Also, I will be posting another edition of Minute To Win It! So stay tuned for that. Until next time:

Happy Crafting,

Zoe & Friends