Minute To Win It: Valentines Edition

Minute To Win It: Valentines Edition

Hello Fellow Crafters!! Liliya and I are here today to show you the:


We really enjoyed this challenge but, things got pretty out of hand. So, we don’t have a TON of pictures, but just enough to show you how this works. As we will usually do, we will give you the supplies and directions for this challenge, so that you can try it at home!! Have fun!

Supplies Needed:

  • Pom-Poms
  • A Plastic Spoon
  • A Ribbon (optional:for line to mark where the pom-poms have to go.)


  1. Place your ribbon, if you are using one, wherever you want the pom-poms to land.


2. Then, set your timer for 1 minute, and use the spoon to catapult your pom-poms past the line!! Liliya and I did 10, but that was way to easy, we got all 10 past the line in 20 seconds. Depending on your age range, you can make people catapult more or less.

Here are my siblings, goofing off and trying to catapult their pom-poms!!

We hope you enjoyed this challenge!! Happy early Valentines/Friendship Day. I am really looking forward to Valentines Day, I love spending it with my family!! What do you do on Valentines Day? Make sure you check out our Behind the Crafts page to see behind the scene pictures!! Until next time:

Happy Crafting,

Zoe & Friends

Challenge Change

Challenge Change

Hey!! I just wanted to let y’all know that Liliya and I will not be able to do “The Cookies Challenge.” So instead we are doing an edition of “Minute to Win it.” You will be seeing a lot of “Minute to Win it” challenges on Zoe & Friends Forever because it is so fun and diverse. We are really excited, and we hope you are too!! We are still hoping to get it up on here by this weekend, so that hasn’t changed!! Thanks!!

Happy Crafting,

Zoe & Friends


Fishtail Friendship Bracelets

Fishtail Friendship Bracelets

Hello Fellow Crafters! Happy early Valentines/Friendship Day!! As you will see from my pictures, I am already getting in the mood of this wonderful holiday!! I celebrate Friendship Day, just because I don’t really have anybody in mind for Valentine’s Day quite yet!! Please comment down below what your favorite tradition is for this holiday filled with love, chocolate, and everything pink!!

 Today, I am all by myself with this tutorial. Hopefully you can still enjoy it!! 🙂 I am really excited, I hope you like it too! This bracelet is my all-time go to, and it is uber simple and fast to make. Here is what your finished bracelet will look like:

Let’s get started!!

You will need the following:

  • 3 colors of yarn or embroidery floss
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


(P.S. I will put the instruction in word form first, and then the picture of that step right underneath)

1. Cut 2, 24 inch strand of each of your colors. In total, you should have 6 strands of yarn.


2. Align all of your strands together, evenly, and tie a knot at the top.


3. You can clip your knot to a clipboard, or you can tape it to the surface you’re working on. Separate your strands as shown in the picture below.


(P.S. I am going to refer to the colors I am using, just to hopefully make this a bit more clear and easier to understand.)

4. Bring your left blue strand over the left orange and first left purple strand.


5. Bring your right blue strand over the right orange, purple, and blue strand.


6. This is your pattern. Always bring the left strand over before bringing over the right strand. Now, bring the left orange strand over the purple and first blue strand. Your beginning strands may turn out to be a bit clumpy and may look out of place. If you care about this (which, I do) then just gently pull the strands until they look normal.


7. Repeat this step with your right orange strand.


8. Here is what it looks like after I complete the purple row.

9. Continue this process until your bracelet fits around your wrist.


10. When you are done, tie a knot at the bottom of your bracelet, to tie it off.


11. Then, tie another knot a just below your first knot. You don’t want too big of a space, just enough for your top knot to fit through and not fall out.


12. Now you are finished!! Congratulations!! Now, you just open up the space and push your other knot through to fasten on your wrist!!

Thanks for reading!! Please stay tuned for our upcoming challenge:


My friend, Liliya and I are super excited to do this challenge, we are hoping to post it somewhere between January 27th-29th!!!

We would also like to mention that we would like your input on the challenges we do. We want to do things you would be interested in. There are no promises, but we will try our best to do your challenges and post them. Please Contact us to let us know what challenges you would like to see.

Thanks again for reading, hopefully you enjoy this bracelet just as much as we do!

Happy Crafting,

Zoe & Friends


Zoe & Friends Forever

Zoe & Friends Forever

Hello!!! My name is Zoe and I wanted to do a quick intro to what this blog is really all about. Have you ever heard of the word “Creativity?” At Dictionary.com, Creativity is defined as the following:

“The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination”

Isn’t that amazing!?!? Here, at Zoe & Friends Forever, my Forever Friends and I are firm believers in Creativity, in this specific definition of Creativity. On our blog, we will take pictures of our challenges, when we are able, and we will share them on here with you!! We are SO excited for this, so, stay tuned for future posts.

We would like to also mention that we would love to hear from you!! You are such a Creative person, God has blessed each and every one of us with unique personalities, hobbies, and interests, but we all have one thing in common, CREATIVITY!! Every person has different levels of Creativity, but everyone has it. We would like to encourage you to try new things, step out of your comfort zone every once in a while, and never give up!! We love to get messages, please go here and send us something!!

Happy Crafting,

Zoe & Friends